We Access Of The Commercial Vehicle Industry

The main reason of taking a decision in order to access of the commercial vehicle industry is to be completely integrated seating system company by providing of our prowess that has been brought from the past.


What does make any good to us to access of the commcerical vehicle industry by producing passenger seating systems ?


There is no only one reason to reply this question but the most important think that has already prompted us to make our way is to improve our ability and always think that we will able to be much more find ourselves by providing the best seating system solutions to all existing and potential customers globally.


On the other hand, we were completely sure that the market still needs to a new seat manufacturer who will listen their priorities , expectations by developing new design seating system solution that they exactly need to supply. Therefore , we decided to rid of providing our own product range to the customers but to listen their needs , expectations and priorities in order to generate a completely new generation seating system solution belongs to our customers as much as us.


Therefore , as ALDEKON , we decided to change our way of think from the main think of that from a supply always creates his own demand to a demand always creates his supply…

Monthly Production of 15,000 Units in Ambulance Seats.  High Quality 35 Years Aldekon Product Experience in Bus Train Seat Production.