Enjoy City

Enjoy CITY has been designed and constructed based on fixed backrest in order to satisfy of requirements for city transport

With contemporary design and comfort with most of the advantages that can be considered in scope of weight , modular production method , flexible logistic and production with highest quality


Enjoy City

ECE 95 / 28 M3 Regulation
Standard Features:© Constructed based on unique injection plastic corpus with 370mm , 420mm and 440mm seat width options
© Upper horizontal plastic cover or handle / PANTONE 10 color
© Wall connection & Corridor Leg Fixation or Double Leg FixationStandard Upholstery
All portions of the seat are trimmed by standart polyester fabric that is already specified in fabric catalogue that will be provided when it is requested officially.

Options :

© Upward Foldable Armrest
© 2P Hip Restraint
© Plastic Pipe Support
© Company Logo Application

Monthly Production of 15,000 Units in Ambulance Seats.  High Quality 35 Years Aldekon Product Experience in Bus Train Seat Production.