ORIGO M3 attendant seat has been designed for Kurtaran Ambulance Co. who has been manufacturing of special ambulance kit solutions and ambulance vehicles based on Mercedes , Renault and Fiat Ducato chassis in Turkey globally. Therefore ORIGO M3 attendant seat design and other rest of the all rights of the product belongs to Kurtaran Ambulance Co.

Origo M3 ambulance seat has been designed and constructed based on fixed backrest.

With contemporary design and comfort with most of the advantages that can be considered in scope of weight , modular production method , flexible logistic and production with highest quality



ECE 95 / 28 & EN 1789 M1 Regulation

Standard Features:

© Constructed based on unique metal fixed backrest with 450mm width
© 450 mm seat cushion width and depth
© 3P Automatic safety belt running out of the backrest frame
© Upward folding seat cushion
© Lower plastic part under the seat cushion
© Plastic back cover on backside of the backrest
© Side plastic covers
© Installed by special leg fixation on the vehicle floor.

Standard Upholstery

All portions of the seat are trimmed by artifical leather fulfilling ECE R118 International flammability standards

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